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How to lose weight (and keep it off)

How To Lose Weight (Without a Diet Plan)

By SassoonFIT

Over the past 40 years, countless diets and weight loss programs have surfaced, and subsequently disappeared.

We had low fat, low carb, keto, vegan, vegetarian, and so much more. Millions and millions of dollars are spent on weight loss programs and supplements, yet we are getting fatter and fatter.

Our risk of chronic disease is also increasing. Everyone wants easy ways to lose weight, but it is the equivalent of buying a lottery ticket to get rich!

As a health coach and personal trainer, I am here to set the record straight about weight loss. Losing weight fast, is NOT a solution.

Do NOT purchase any supplements with quick promises. And DON’T buy any slimming vests, weight loss teas, or fat burning creams. Weight loss tips that are short term, are a waste of money. The solution is really simple. But before I get there, let me give you some background.

Our ancestors were hunter-gatherers. And we have their DNA. They lived traveling long distances, in constant search for edible plants and animals. Movement, high fiber diets, great relationships were staples of their lifestyle. The only foods they had access to were certain grasses, berries, seeds, nuts, and vegetables.

Sometime after, humans developed fish hooks, harpoons, and stone tipped spears, allowing our diet to expand to include more animals and fish. About 200,000 years ago, we, homo sapiens, evolved from these ancestors.

The Best Way To Lose Weight is to Follow the Behavior of Our Ancestors


Let this fact sink in. For over 1.5 million years we hunted, searched, and gathered plants and animals. And for six hundred years we had more or less, food on demand. Which of these do you think contributes more to our overall health?

What can we learn from the lifestyle of our ancestors as it applies to weight loss and health?

Well for one, modern day hunter gatherers, who are the best representation of the ancestors I talked about above, have extremely low rates of chronic disease. No heart disease, hypertension, or cancer.

Why is this? They spend their days with their friends and family, eat a diet heavy in fiber, and move a lot! Many hunter gatherers eat a diet high in carbs, while others eat a diet almost exclusively of fat and protein (such as the Inuit). The main thing we learn is that, overall lifestyle is vital to weight loss and longevity.

Healthy Lifestyle               


Now of course, I understand we don’t live in the wilderness. Food is readily available. So how can we achieve weight loss and longevity living somewhere like the United States or Europe? I have come up with 5 simple ways you can permanently lose weight, while living in western society, that DON’T involve dieting.

Here are the five factors.

Weight Loss Tips That Boost Energy and Make You Healthy

  1. Diet: Eating a diet rich in whole foods allows our body to function properly, reduce inflammation, take care of our gut, and feel more energy. You would have to eat 50 bowls of cheerios a day, to consume the amount of fiber found in hunter-gatherer diets.
    Diet Plan

  2. Exercise: Exercise is complex, and not necessarily correlated with weight loss, however it does help with weight maintenance, feeling good, keeping you alive longer, and boosting your brainpower. Thus, it is indirectly associated with weight loss.
    Weight Loss Program

  3. Sleep: Consistent and proper sleep is one of the most overlooked factors in weight loss. It affects food cravings, blood sugar, calorie consumption, and more.
    Weight Loss Program

  4. Interpersonal relationships: Your social circle influences your behavior, and helps keep you on track to your goals. Having healthy friends and family around keeps you feeling good, reduces your stress, and reduces the likelihood that you will succumb to cravings.
    Lose Weight

  5. Goal setting and planning: An often overseen, but crucial to weight loss. Without goals, a plan, a method to track and evaluate said plan, we fall victim to our environment, and external circumstances that are outside of our control
    Weight Loss

Weight Loss Diets Fail

The problem with most weight loss programs is that if you are asking how can I lose weight, you are ultimately asking the wrong question. The true question should be, how can I live to my utmost physical potential, whether it be weight loss, exercise, friend groups, sleep, diet, and stress. If you can answer “How can I live to my utmost physical potential,” you would never waste money on weight loss creams, stupid supplements, or diet programs. You would take significant steps to changing your lifestyle first.

Physical Energy Mental

Even if you do happen to lose weight on a diet, without changing the above factors you are bound to continue gaining the weight back.

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