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Muscle Building for Proportional Physique

Do You Want Athletic Muscle Building?

This article is NOT about gaining muscle for no purpose other than to look good. This article is about training to improve the physical health of your body.

The idea I am going to present to you comes from my own personal trial and error. 

Growing up I was overweight. I knew I wanted to change. After starting to wrestle, I joined a gym, and did the traditional bicep curls, bench press, machine incline row, and weighted calve raises.

I looked strong, and started to receive compliments. But working out was a guessing game for me. I didn’t have a real plan, or knowledge. I trained to receive attention from others.


This ended badly my senior year. I was muscular looking, but I would get tossed around by skinnier guys. The skinnier guys had strong core muscles and good technique. Even though their arms and chest were smaller, they were physically dominating me.

Bodybuilding training causes injury

Finally, during practice, I got thrown and badly hurt my shoulder. This prematurely ended my wrestling career and crushed my spirit. Soon after trying boxing, rock climbing, and weight lifting, and all of these resulting in shoulder injuries, I realized my training was the problem.

My bodybuilding training did not work for real life skills. It just built muscle. The main problem with bodybuilding exercises, is they train you to look good standing still, as opposed to training movement patterns that are real life, scenarios. Muscle building for bodybuilding is not muscle building for life.

Proportional Physique through functional training looked better


I learned proper movement and became interested in training about five years ago. Since then, I have become certified as a Personal Trainer and Health Coach. I have learned the training techniques of an elite Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy, boxed with professionals in Miami, studying strength and conditioning coaches online, and worked in a functional fitness training studio in Brazil. My shoulder is better than ever.

How to train like an athlete

This new training style I perform. It is the culmination of me studying the top athletic trainers, coaches, and physical therapists, and creating a system that will improve the everyday performance and health of the body. And best of all, I have a proportional physique which stands out among other recreational lifters.

Currently  I am learning gymnastics, and physically stronger than ever. I would never have though five years ago, that I would be backflipping, and doing handstands with the previous state of my shoulder.

I receive compliments on my physique on a daily basis


Athletic training is actually BETTER for recreational athletes who are already active, and trying to build muscle.
Before I begin explaining, I must tell you:

  • Athletic training is NOT intended for weight loss, but you WILL lose belly fat.
  • Athletic training is NOT intended to build muscle, but your body WILL be shredded.
  • Athletic training  is NOT intended for enhanced beauty, but you WILL be receiving compliments left and right.

The reasons is simple

Performance = Physical Health = Beauty.
Performance Training = Beauty

This is why this style of training is superior to traditional bodyweight training.

I have tested out this style of training with many of my clients. Chris, my 39 years old client tells me his wife is amazed at his new body. He also looks noticeably younger, and balances on one foot to put his socks on in the morning. You see, athletic training, will make your everyday life much easier!


When Chris came in, he out of shape despite lifting weights for years and running up to 5x a week. Although he was highly motivated and taking action, he was wasting his time with ineffective workouts.

Within weeks of doing simple exercises and stretches, muscles began to arise from seemingly unrelated areas, such as his
arms, legs, and shoulders.

Many of you are just like Chris. We want to be lean and have big arms, but biceps and triceps are useless without being able to balance on one foot.

Without a stable structure, we are physically weak and we won’t have that healthy beautiful look.

If you aren’t seeing the results you want to see, focus on the core of your body.
Focus first on balance and stability.

I have bad news for you if you are anything like Chris. 

The best thing to do is to drop the weights, and focus on the three keys

  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Stability

These three keys are the pillars of your body. For example, if you have tight hips, an unstable core, or forward shoulders, whatever exercises you are doing are going to exacerbateimbalances. On the flip side, if you are flexible, balanced, and stable in all the right areas, you WILL look like a model or athlete!


Many recreational lifters ignore stretching. Why stretch anyway? Stretching encourages muscle growth, and helps you look athletic and leaner. It
allows for you to move properly.

So how do you lose weight and body fat just doing simple stretches and core exercises? You need stable pillars before you build a structure

Pillars of weight loss

Athletic routines also promote hormonal responses that encourage muscle growth and fat loss.

Explosive athletic training, even though we may do fewer overall repetitions per body part, aids us to grow more muscle with an extra boost of
testosterone and growth hormone.

Growth hormone helps your body utilize fat for fuel, further improving body composition.

Full body athletic training also means more bang for your buck. Higher intensity means fewer exercise repetitions.

Additionally, training one sports athletic skills will transfer over to other sports and activities. A simple movement, the hip hinge, is the same in basketball, as in ping pong, tennis, wrestling, football, and powerlifting.

Athletic full body training is far superior than traditional gym training.

Now you may be wondering, how can I train like an athlete without a coach directing me what to do on a daily basis?

Just learn one athletic movement at a time.

If I focus on throwing a killer punch, I need to strengthen my core, legs, and hips. And I need to practice a swinging motion. I could use:

  • Band rows
  • Wood choppers
  • Hip raises
  • Medicine ball throws
  • explosive squats
  • lunges etc..

    Since throwing a punch requires my entire body to work in unison, I need to train my entire body. This will promote overall balance and proportion, thus making me look good as a side benefit!

  • How to look like a boxer

The Best Way to Look Good Permanently is to Emphasize Stability and Flexibility!

No matter what your approach may be, make stability and mobility a priority of your training. For many people that means doing a dynamic warm-up before working out, or doing a core routine after.

Most importantly, however you need to implement it, do it!

So how do  start exercising?


Well, what type of athlete/model/dancer/person do I want to look like?

What physical training is required of that person and how can you mimic their training?

For example, If I want to look like a lean basketball player, movement patterns can
be executed using an agility drills with a ladder, shooting drills with a basketball, and speed and footwork  drills on the court.

Proportional Physique

After practicing proper Stability and Mobility in months 1-2, move on to learning the exact
form elite basketball players train on the agility ladder. It will take practice. Then move on to the basketball court, picking 1 or 2 difficult patterns of movements and linking them together.

To warm up, think of using the jump rope, skater jumps, plyometrics
and resistance band exercises commonly used by those athletes

These are important elements of a basketball players training program, and thus your ability to perform these exercises will
reflect through your physical body.

Here is a sample of what four months would look like

Phase 1: Postural enhancement and optimization with constantly varying stability and mobility routines

Phase 2: More advanced core stabilization. Increased attention to stretching and making sure posture is correct throughout complex athletic movements.

Phase 3: Learn a sports-specific movement patterns. Mentally embrace the sport or activity and invest wholly.

Phase 4: Resume Phase 1, with attention to problem areas revealed through Phase 3.

Now Let’s Try This Together

What is a physical movement that you want to learn (Example: Backflip)

For Phase 1: What sort of stability and core exercises do I need (Example: Bird-Dog, Knee Raises, Hanging Leg Raises )

For Phase 2: What parts of my body need to be flexible in order for for me to do this? (Hip flexors, shoulders, etc)

For Phase 3: What are 3 prerequisite movements to performing? (Squat, Jump Squat, Backwards Roll)

For Phase 4: Repeat with a new skill

Now if you want to look like a fitness model or athlete, without training athletic skills, check out my fitness model transformation program for guys and girls. It is all the elite movement patterns and exercises that athletes do, minus the performance training. You will look elite, without risking your body or needing much equipment.

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