Online fitness has swept the internet in the last few years & has exploded since the covid lockdowns. 

There are now online courses for virtually (no pun intended) any topic you wish to learn from gardening, to nutrition, to making money with online courses, and of course the plethora of virtual fitness & health courses. 

The lockdowns put a different kind of pressure on all of us depending on our life situation, whether we had families, did essential work, or had the option to work from home. 

However, we can all agree that access to virtual fitness services during this time was crucial for us to maintain our health goals, as well as our sanity! 

Online courses in particular have a load of extra benefits compared to virtual classes or virtual training. 

Today we will answer the question why online fitness courses may be the best way to start, and succeed, in your fitness journey.

Two of the biggest obstacles to most people starting or sustaining their fitness programs are time and cost. 

Whether you work a 9-5 or have school It is time consuming to drive to the gym, change, work out, shower, then drive back home and deal with the rest of life. 

It is a good 2-3 hours spent out of your day making this work out happen, and you’re only training for maybe an hour of that time! 

On top of that, most people cannot afford to pay $70-$100+ an hour for a trainer, who they only see 1x-2x a week. 

That’s $$280-$560 spent a MONTH on personal training. 

Add to that the limitations of: 

  • A small number of trainers to choose from at most gyms, who may not vibe with you
  • Gyms being overly crowded when you have the time to go there (rush hours)
  • The pressure of meatheads walking around benching a 1,000lbs 

It is no wonder 50% of all new gym members quit within 6 months!

What if there’s an option that solves ALL of these problems? 

There is. 

It’s online fitness courses! surprise! 

7 Benefits that Online Fitness Courses Offer You:

1. Relevant & Specific Content

Unlike training at a gym, online courses offer the freedom to choose specifically what you want to focus on most, as it relates to your health and fitness goals.

If you want to learn weight lifting, there’s a course for it.

If you want to lose weight with minimal exercise knowledge, there’s a course for it.

If you want to focus on building strength, there’s a course for it.

If you want to learn calisthenics, yoga, mindfulness, cooking, or whatever your heart desires. There’s a course for it!

When you choose a fitness style that fits your goals AND interests, you will be more motivated and committed to learn the teachings and apply them for faster results.

2. On-Demand Access

This is purely unique to online courses and may be the best benefit of all.

On-demand access to your fitness content gives you the freedom and control to learn on your own TIME!

We all have different schedules and priorities, and this features takes way the stress of having to schedule sessions with trainers to meet their limited availability.

Another added benefit is that you can rewatch whatever exercises or concepts that don’t stick.

You can only ask a person to repeat themselves so many times before you feel a little slow or they feel annoyed, but you can hit that replay and rewind button as many times as you need to in order to fully learn what you paid for.

3. Organized Learning

Most great courses include PDF guides and written material along with their video lessons.

This is useful because some of us learn better through reading concepts and visualizing them in our own ways.

Another crucial benefit is PDF sheets that help you track meals, log exercises, track your habits, and other ways that you can implement the learnings immediately after watching and hearing the concepts.

This makes retaining the information easier and prevents procrastination or information overload from slowing you down.

4. Independent Learning

While it is very beneficial to learn on our own schedule without a trainer calling or yelling at us to “keep pushing!” online courses present us with the challenge of learning independently and holding ourselves accountable.

The end-goal of every fitness program should be for the student (you) to manage their health and fitness independently, with little help from others.

This of course does not mean doing everything on your own, but more taking charge and responsibility for your own health and well-being.

Online courses set that goal in mind from the beginning, in the way they force you to manage your own schedule and health habits.

5. Accountability

For those of us who are just starting out and DO need the added accountability.

Many great online fitness courses offer optional groups to join for accountability and support.

This can be a great tool for celebrating successes, learning from others’ mistakes, and gaining support when it is needed most.

This can go a long way to prevent burnout, making unnecessary mistakes, and gaining external motivation when things get tough.

Most courses also offer optional 1-1 coaching along with the course content for those who wish pay a little extra for it.

This can be incredibly helpful for those who need more direct guidance as to what to do and have maybe failed to succeeding alone in the past.

There is no shame, but great courage, in seeking help when we recognize the need for it.

6. You Save A Ton Of Money

Online fitness course are a FRACTION of the cost of hiring a personal trainer, whether virtual or in-person.

The average cost of a trainer is normally $70-$100 per hour, which at the end of the month can add up to a hefty $1,200 per month!

Think of what else you can spend that money on like organic food, needed supplements, a vacation, and so many other investments that also support your health.

On the other hand, you can find many introductory fitness courses completely for FREE and even paying for a course that costs a $100 or more is way cheaper than $1,200 every month.

When presented with a cheaper & zero-risk option, why not take it?

7. Most Courses Offer Free Trials

This is almost a given with many online courses.

You can try out the course for free for a limited number of hours, days, or content bits.

This gives you a taste of what the course offers, the teaching style, and whether it is the right fit for you.

It is a zero-risk approach to your health. The worse thing that could happen is you decide you don’t like the course and go on to find one that is a better fit for you.

This leaves little to no excuses to start your fitness journey now.

Reading through these benefits, it is no wonder more and more people are signing up for online fitness courses.

But… who shouldn’t? 

There are some exceptions for when it is best to work with a trainer in person: 

  • You have an injury and need someone present to check your form & assist you physically if needed
  • You have a muscle disorder or a medical condition that requires hands on assistance and supervision. 
  • Your doctor recommended you only exercise with a trainer physically present

We recommend that everyone consult their doctor before starting a new fitness program. 

Now what?

You may now be wondering what online fitness course is the best one for YOU to start with, and we got you covered! 

We have created some Free Fitness Classes for beginners 100% FREE of charge. No upsell. No sneaky costs. Just pure value. 

In these courses, we teach you: 

  • How to build muscle as a beginner
  • How to build a strong and stable core 
  • How to start losing weight with nutrition
  • How to optimize sleep for weight loss AND recovery
  • How to build habits that support your specific health goals

You can click here to sign up for the course 100% free of charge and instantly gain access to: 

  • 30 minutes of on-demand videos
  • 3 downloadable pdf tools to implement your goals
  • 4 essential core stability exercises
  • The 3 keys to start losing weight
  • 2 full workouts to build lean muscle 
  • On-demand access for 12 months all for FREE. 

Click here to sign up today!

Author: Zaid Alpha

Author: Zaid Alpha

NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Power Yoga Instructor, NLP Weight Loss Coach


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