About Me - Coaching Gam

Gamliel Sassoon

ACE® CPT and Health Coach

My name is Gamliel Sassoon, and I have worked with a variety of athletes and clients, in Brazil, the Dominican Republic, and the United States. My passion is helping my clients achieve their optimal health applying behavioral science, correcting physical movement, implementing nutritional coaching, and designing physical training programs. My #1 priority, is addressing your specific barriers to achieving the peak of your physical health.

Professional Credentials

Licences & Certifications

  •  American Council on Exercise (ACE®) Certified Personal Trainer


  •  American Council on Exercise (ACE®) Certified Health Coach 


  • Conditioning to The Core Certified: Exercises and Programs to Enhance Athletic Core Stability, Strength, and Power.


  • Athletic Body in Balance Certified: Strength and Conditioning Programs for Athletes

Education Background

  • John’s Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health: MAS in Community Based Primary Health Care Programs in Global Health


  • Pennsylvania State University: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Minor in Spanish Lanaguage


  • Fluency in English, Spanish, Portuguese

Professional Experience

  • Health Coaching: Habit and nutrition coaching to produce long-lasting change. Worked with nutritionists and personal trainers in Brazil to develop weight loss programs; applied motivational and inspirational techniques with clients to help them overcome emotional barriers to a healthy lifestyle


  • Athletic Training: Developed agility, speed, power, and strength programs for professional athletes. Coached athletes from lacrosse, basketball, and soccer. Worked on improving balance through stability and mobility training, corrected postural imbalances. Increasing speed, power, and quickness.
  • Personal Training: Application of stability and mobility training, functional movement training, circuit training, corrective exercises, and more. Creating basic programs to enhance physique and lower body fat %.