Gam Sassoon

Certified Fitness Trainer and Personal Coach

Although I was always fairly active, I became fully dedicated to healthy lifestyle while living in Brazil in 2017. I began as the Health Coach of Studio Functional Fitness in downtown Rio de Janeiro. Despite having worked as a personal trainer,  I have realized the real solution for living healthier is with proper education. That is why I am currently dedicated to teaching others how to live healthy. I have multiple very affordable ways to learn how to live healthy with my online courses. To learn more about how you can be healthy, click the link below.

Brazilian Weight Loss Method

My Story

This picture was taken at 16 years old. I was borderline obese, depressed, and unheathy. Since then, I have completely changed my lifestyle using a blend of psychology, nutrition, and physical training. Nowadays, I want others to learn from my journey. Click learn more, sign up for a complementary consultation.