The 3 Absolute Keys to Functional Strength

Build Balance and Stability for Functional Strength

If you go to the gym, and you don’t focus on balance and stability, you are not building true functional strength. By correcting imbalances, and building stability, you will prevent injury and improve your fitness to the next level. What is Functional Strength? Functional strength means having balance, core stability, and proper movement. By performing […]

5 Steps to Recovery after Your Workout

Athletic Recovery

If you are feeling excessive soreness after working out, reduce your level of stress, and get a good nights sleep. Make sure you eat fruits and vegetables, and if soreness persists, perform foam rolling and stretching. The #1 Way to Recovery from a Tough Workout? To relieve soreness from your workout, you may wonder if […]

Stability and Mobility is the #1 Way to Improve Athletic Performance

Stability Training For Core Stability

Athletes who focus on mobility training, core stability, and movement efficiency will greatly improve their athletic performance. Athletic training should focus on movement, and address mobility and stability until movement is perfected. The Problem With Current Training is Lack of Attention to Quality Many young athletes want to show off how much they are lifting. […]