Strength And Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning

The Problem With Current Training As a fitness professional I am constantly observing how others lift weights and work out.  I am amazed by how little the general population knows about how to perform even the most basic movements—such as bending down or lifting something up.  At the gym, it pains me to see guys encouraging […]

Recovery For Athletes

How should Athletes recover? As a Strength and Conditioning Coach who has had the pleasure of working with college bound basketball athletes, I wonder what impact can be made outside of training.  Although I frequently meet with athletes eager to learn and improve, a 60-minute session 3 times a week does not address ALL the […]

Muscle Building For Proportional Physique

Muscle Building

Looking to Achieve Functional Strength? You will see many young athletes and regular gym goers pumping biceps, chest and triceps in the gym, trying to get that pumped look, so they can show off at the next pool party, or when they whip off their shirt at the beach. Now, I too, fell into this […]