Core Stability: Enhance Your Posture, Improve Your Physical Health, and Reduce Pain and Injury

Stabilize your Core for Strength, Power, and Athletics

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Reduce Pain and Injury, Enhance Posture, and Build a Solid Core. This Course on Core Stability is the Key to Physical Health. Enroll today for Core Stability. Over 60 core exercises for all levels, as well as a self-diagnosis and 6-week program for beginners, intermediate, and advanced.

Course Prerequisite

  • Have a resistance band
  • Cleared By a Doctor For Physical Activity

What You Will Learn

Who is this course for?

  • Any Men Or Women Interested In Increasing Strength
  • Want a Six Pack
  • Want to Reduce Risk of Injury
  • Want to Increase Postural Structure
  • Anyone Who Has Suffered Back Pain
  • Athletes
  • Anyone Who Plays Sports

Course Syllabus

Part 1: Posture and Stability

  • Essential Nature of Core Training
  • Proper Method of Core Training
  • Injury Prevention

Part 2: Functioning of The Core

  • · Core Anatomy
  • · Anti-Extension and Anti-Rotation
  • · Hip Complex and Scapular Stability

Part 3: Full Exercise Database (50+ Exercises)

  • Anti-Extension
  • Anti-Rotation
  • Hip Complex
  • Scapular Stability
  • Easy, Medium, and Difficult

Part 4: Testing

  • · Anti-Extension Testing
  • · Anti-Rotation Testing
  • · Hip Testing
  • · Scapula Testing

Part 5: Full 18 Week Program

  • · Level 1: 6 weeks Beginner Program
  • · Level 2: 6 Weeks Intermediate Program
  • · Level 3: 6 Weeks Advanced Program

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Gam Sassoon

Author: Gam Sassoon

ACE certified Personal Trainer, ACE certified Health Coach, Athletic Balance Training Specialist

This course includes: