The Brazilian Body System

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Brazilian Body System is the #1 approach to weight loss, combining:

  1. Mental Strategies
  2. Athletic Nutrition
  3. Health Coaching
  4. Cutting Edge Personal Training
  5. Variations for All Fitness Levels

I will personally walk you through your fitness journey step by step, teaching you expert strategies used by psychologists and athletes. After completing my system, you will be physically transformed.

After this course, you will experience

  • Smoother movement, better posture, and knowledge of lifting technique
  • How to move with greater mobility
  • Have a more functionally strong body
  • An understanding of how to set and achieve fitness goals
  • Better muscular endurance

and much more!

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Basic Fitness Stance
Functional Movements
Brazilian Cultural Movements
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Conditioning
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Properly Warming Up (to do before workouts)
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Proper Cool Down Stretching (After you work out)
28 Day Transformation
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Mental Strategies
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Nutritional Strategies
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