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Lose 1-2 Pounds/Week The Healthy Way

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Immediate Benefits

✓ Lose 1-2 Pounds/Week                  ✓ Feel Healthier

✓ No Dieting                                        ✓ Improve Your Sleep

✓ Permanent Weight Loss                ✓ Gain Control Over Your Health

✓ Get a Leaner Stomach Area          ✓ Reduce Cravings for Unhealthy Food

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Gam Sassoon

This course includes:

Author: Gam Sassoon

ACE certified Personal Trainer, ACE certified Health Coach, Athletic Balance Training Specialist


Implement Healthy Lifestyle Immediately For Weight Loss

Full Description

Weight Loss Made Simple

This Weight Loss Program 

We begin with Education on Healthy Lifestyle. What does it mean to have a healthy lifestyle?

  • It means having healthy habits
  • Exercising on a consistent basis
  • Eating a diet rich in Nutrient Dense Foods
  • And creating an environment conducive to long term health

Psychology of Weight Loss

Psychology is all about understanding human behavior. By applying behavioral psychology to weight loss, we overcome mental barriers to being lean and fit.

Here are a few keys we will learn to implement

  • Strategies to increase the amount of exercise to do per week.
  • Interventions that inspire you to eat cleaner , and actually enjoy it
  • Convert your living environment into a clean and healthy place

The first step to weight loss is understanding lifestyle

This course discusses the three main solutions to living a healthy lifestyle

  1. Incorporate consistent exercise
  2. Consume natural foods
  3. Consistent and plentiful sleep

Both dieting and the modern approach to weight loss have failed us. You see dieting is an all about making quick money.

This course, is about solving your issues, once and for all.

I will help you do that by teaching you:

  • How to adopt the personality and habits of fit individuals
  • How to change your environment
  • What activities, eating habits, and foods are best for your new lifestyle
  • How to create your own healthy routines
  • How to implement and track your customized lifestyle

By the end of this course, you will have all of the tools necessary to change your lifestyle. I provide for you not only education, but top psychological strategies employed by health coaches and nutritionists. There is also special attention paid to implementation.

I will help you implement elite strategies with small steps to make it super easy for you to understand, and act. When you finish my course, you will be on track to having a completely new lifestyle, involving exercise, plentiful sleep, nutritious foods, and a positive social circle.

How did I come up with this course?

As an ACE® Health Coach and Personal Trainer, we will implement weight loss strategies so you achieve a lean and healthy look.

The best part is that these strategies are made to feel easy. You WON’T need to buy any supplements, or purchase any crazy weight loss products. These simple strategies are researched and scientifically supported.

People waste too much money on supplements. diet plans, personal trainers, gym memberships, when the real solution is simple.

  • I will teach you step-by-step the solution

This solution will get you leaner and healthier extremely fast.

And the best part is, these changes are sustainable. They are designed to be permanent. These strategies mix the following disciplines.

  1. Personal Training
  2. Health Coach
  3. Behavioral Science

Come try out this course. I guarantee you, by the end, you will be ready to create the healthiest, leanest you!

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone Who is Interested in Losing Weight the HEALTHY way
  • Individuals who have failed attempts at losing weight and dieting
  • Individuals who have chronic disease in their families
  • Individuals who want to learn how to mantain weight loss
  • Beginners who want to permanently live healthier

Course Syllabus

Part 1: Background

  • Modern Lifestyle
  • Traditional Human Diets
  • Traditional Movement Patterns
  • Ideal Diet and Lifestyle

Part 2: Factors in Weight Loss

  • Proper Sleep and Weight Loss
  • Top Weight Loss Mistakes to Avoid
  • Essential Personality Components of Weight Loss

Part 3: Making Changes

  • Creating a Healthy Environment
  • Beginning to Implement Healthy Lifestyle
  • Essential Habits to Implement
  • Establishing Routines

Part 4: Implementing Changes

  • Essential Habits to Track
  • Personalizing Your Routine
  • Monitoring and Evaluating your Routine


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