Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Movements in Pictures

Ponte (Bridge)

1st variation Lie on the ground on your back and bend your knees bringing your heels almost to where you can touch your hands. Pushing off your heels, bring butt up towards the sky, and leaving only your shoulders and heels in contact on the floor. There should be a straight diagonal line from your shoulder to your knees.

Toes up and push off your heels
Notice the straight line from my shoulders to my knees

2nd variation Push up with only one heel, keeping the other leg off the ground and pointed straight up, or in line with the other leg. Try to keep the core stable and hips straight.

Don’t allow your hips to shift
Keep balanced

3rd variation Do the first variation, but as your butt pushes up, twist your weight over to one side alternating reaching over your shoulders.

Rotate and look towards your near armpit
Bring your back arm over your head


Saltao: The last two variations carry high risk for knee injury. (perform at your own risk)

Starting Position Get on your knees and lower your hips backwards and towards the ground until you are sitting on your heels (or near to).

1st variation Push your hips forward and upward, engaging your torso until your body is fully upright from your knees (your chin and head should be directly above your chest and hips), continue lowering and raising, while hips move back and forth. Make sure you are not leaning back by squeezing your abs and keeping your chin above your chest and face upright and forward.

Toes can be up or flat in this variation
Make sure your head is above your knees and you are not leaning back as you come up

2nd variation As you are lowering, lower your arms, and explode up to your feet by propelling your arms forward, landing softly on the middle of your foot and heels, and reducing the forcefulness of the impact by sinking your hips down and back on the landing.

Use the momentum from your arms
Bring your arms back with force
Shoot your arms up and land with your butt coming down into a squat so as to cushion your blow

3rd variation After landing, immediately jump into the air and bring your two knees toward your chest. When you land, allow your butt to cushion the impact by sinking down in a squat position so as to minimize the force.


Levantado de Triangulo

1st variation: Lie on your back, curl up your knees toward your chest, and rock back and forth, while interlocking your legs into the triangle. Understand how to use your body as momentum.

Rock back and forth with your knees close up to your chest

2nd variation you will sit up on one foot and one knee and bring your hips up and forward. Rock back, gather some momentum, and on the way up, cross your legs in the triangle position, planting one foot on the ground, and push through your heel simultaneously bringing your hips forward.

Right toe under left knee
Plant left knee
Bring momentum forward
Thrust hips forward

3rd variation: Gather more more of your momentum to actually stand up on the one planted foot, so rocking back, hips come forward with body on knee and foot, and then stand up using the planted foot.

Explode up after thrusting hips forward



1st variation  Keep your core strong and torso straight as if you were in a plank. Allow yourself to slowly lower to the ground, engaging your chest, shoulders, triceps, and core, and push yourself back up using those same muscles. If this is too hard, rest your knees on the ground instead of your toes.

Back straight, hip on same level as shoulders
Keep your core tight
If you can’t do the first variation, try pushing up with your knees on the ground

2nd variation  The kick out is a core, chest, and shoulder workout which involves getting into the push up position (plank position with arms fully extended and weight on our hands instead of our elbows), hands should be shoulder-width apart, and you are going to shift all your weight to your right hand and left toes, while kicking our right leg out toward the left under you. Repeat on the other side. So you are essentially sitting on your hand and opposite foot.

This can be combined with a push up
Kick out but keep your core tight

3rd variation The Hindu variation is shifting from up dog to down dog (yoga positions) If you don’t know what this is, just focus on perfecting the first two variations.

Knees straight, push through hands, chest out and pointed to ground, hands and feet form an upside down V
Up Dog, shoulder blades back, head up, chest out, hips down



This position is high intensity. It is meant to mimic defending against an opponent attack your legs by trying to tackle you to the ground.

1st variation Lower yourself to the ground slowly one foot at a time, get into the Flexao (Push Up position), and get up carefully to your feet using one foot at a time

Hip Hinge
Push Up Position
Get up one leg at a time

2nd variation Hip Hinge and throw your feet backwards, dropping yourself into the Flexao, and immediately springing back toward your feet and standing up straight

As soon as you hit the ground pop up

3rd variation: Hip Hinge, and drop yourself in the upward dog position (research from yoga if unsure), and then spring back to your feet.

When you go down, get into the updog position