Circuit Training

When you begin to look at the Brazilian Body System® workouts on paper, it might seem very complicated, but I will make it extremely simple for you! Here are 6 things you will see and how to interpret them

1. “Warm up” stretching before every workout, and “Cool Down” stretching after every workout. Give yourself 5-10 minutes before and after your workout to stretch with full concentration. The warm up is going to involve in motion stretches, while the cool down will involve in place stretches.


2. Circuits: A style of training that combines 3-5 exercises together in a group.  The Brazilian Body System 20 Essential movements are combined to form circuits. Each circuit has 3-5 essential movements, and each training day has 3-5 daily circuits. Circuits mean the exercises are performed back to back, only taking a break when the circuit is completed. You then rest for the given time, and repeat. It will be very helpful to download an interval timer on your phone to do the circuits in which the exercises are timed, for example “jinga 30 seconds.”


3. Isometric core circuits are time based Concentric core circuits are repetition based. Isometric is performed stable in one position, concentric is an up and down motion performed until the repetitions are completed.

4. Different variations. Each exercises has 1-3 variations. Learn the first variation before trying the next ones. I REPEAT. Start with the first or easiest variation in the beginning only moving on when you are confident you can do the second and third correctly without getting injured.


If you need to tweak my program to make it harder or easier for you, go ahead. I recommend adjusting break time repetitions, or rest time if you feel like the way I designed it isn’t appropriate for your fitness level.