Fitness Foundation Coaching Program

Fitness Foundation Coaching Program

Fitness Foundation Coaching Program


  • Establish a healthy fitness routine

  • Program duration: 12 weeks

  • Coaching Sessions: 6 Sessions of 90 minutes

  • Program Phases: Each phase consists of 4 weeks of custom workouts.

  • Ideal for beginners to fitness


Looking For a Science Based Strength Program With Proven Results? Are you a guy who wants to get stronger and build lean muscle? Have you tried working out on you own, but are confused by all the different exercises? Do you want an expert to teach you how to move correctly, and what exercises to do?

I am Gam, a Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach, and Athletic Trainer. and in The Fitness Foundation Program I will teach you exactly what you need to do to get a masculine, lean, and muscular physique.


The Fitness Foundation Program will do more than just give you exercises. I am going to teach you the exact amount of repetitions, sets, warm-ups, stretches, and days of training you will do in each month. 

By giving you the exact formula for building strength and growing muscle, you will no longer waste time in the gym. You will achieve a stronger and leaner body, capable of lifting more weight, without gaining fat.

No need to…

  • Run on the treadmill 
  • Train for hours at the gym 
  • Consume excessive protein shakes
  • Buy meaningless supplements

As you will learn in The Fitness Foundation Program, the majority of information about strength and muscle building out there, is just nonsense. The path to building strength is actually very simple. It is the same method used by football players, rugby players, weightlifters, and wrestlers. 

Not only will you build strength, but you will look better than ever.


Here is what’s inside the program:

Part 1: Move Correctly

  • Intro to Core Stability
  • How to Strengthen Each Muscle Group
  • Repetitions, Sets, and exercise Length

Part 2: Detailed Exercise Guide

  • Complete Guide to Squat 
  • Complete Guide to Deadlift
  • Complete Guide to Pushing
  • Complete Guide to Pulling
  • Complete Guide to Training Core

Part 3: How to Begin to Workout

  • Warm Up 
  • Flexibility
  • Activation
  • Starting Your Workout

Part 4: Program Design 

  • Workout Structure
  • Full 3 Month Program
  • Nutrition

Best of all, I will be there to guide you along the way, during the entire program. I will check your exercise form, make any necessary adjustments or corrections, be PERSONALLY available for any questions or concerns, and substitute any exercises based on your custom goals.


By the end of this program, you will be

  1. Significantly Stronger
  2. More Flexible
  3. Have More Muscle Mass
  4. Have a Leaner Physique
  5. Exhibit Better Posture

In just 3 months, you will be in the best physical shape of your life, and have tools that you can use for the rest of your life.

Program Details 

Program Description

Program duration: 12 Weeks 

Coaching Sessions: 6 sessions of 90 minutes

Coaching Session Details: Coaching sessions are 100% remote, and can be scheduled according to student preference any time from 2pm-7:30PM EST Monday-Saturday, although if a different time is needed, exceptions can be made. Student is responsible for scheduling 1st session 7 days in advance on the Calendly platform. Subsequent sessions will be scheduled bi-weekly during the first meeting. Once sessions are scheduled, student will receive invitations via Google Meet. Workouts will be provided within 24 hours of conclusion of coaching session. Any workouts assigned should be completed according to the instructions of coach, during the week, prior to the next coaching session.  

Program Phases: Each Phase consists of 4 weeks of custom workouts.

  • Phase 1
    Week 1: Core Stability and Mobility
    Week 2: Core Stability and Mobility
    Week 3: Exercise Posture
    Week 4: Exercise Posture                                                                                                                                      
  • Phase 2
    Week 5: Proper Movement
    Week 6: Proper Movement
    Week 7: Muscle Building
    Week 8:  Muscle Building  
  • Phase 3:
    Week 9: Core Strength
    Week 10: Core Strength
    Week 11: Muscle Building and Strength
    Week 12: Muscle Building and Strength

Student Responsibilities: Student is responsible for completing workouts and attending GoogleMeet sessions with coach.  

Payment: Payment should be made through Paypal or Stripe on the SassoonFIT website.  

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Fitness Foundation Coaching Program

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