Weight Loss Coaching Program

Weight Loss Coaching Program

Weight Loss Coaching Program


  • Implement a permanent healthy lifestyle

  • Program duration: 12 weeks

  • Coaching Sessions: 6 Sessions of 45 minutes

  • Program Phases: Each phase consists of 4 weeks of custom workout

  • Ideal for adults interested in weight loss


Intro to The Health Coaching Program 

Looking to lose weight WITHOUT going on a diet?  Don’t feel good right now with your body? Do you wonder if you were destined to be overweight? 

The majority of folks who go on weight loss programs, end up gaining the weight back, many gaining even more weight than where they were when they started. Diets don’t work.  Because they are not permanent, nor are they customized to your lifestyle


After studying psychology, personal training, athletic performance, and health coaching, I have researched the exact strategies and mindset of the most successful weight loss participants and organized them into this program to give you the edge in your personal journey.

By the end of this program you will look in the mirror and feel amazing.

  • I will teach you which habits to implement.
  • How to consistently exercise
  • What foods to eat, and what foods to avoid
  • Finally, I give you a guide on how to implement a complete healthy lifestyle. 

So, what exactly will you learn in The Health Coaching Program?

You will learn strategies to stay mentally sharp, physically look better, and feel younger. Additionally, you WILL actually live longer, by lowering your risk of all chronic diseases.

The first step to weight loss is understanding lifestyle

The Health Coaching Program discusses the three main solutions to living a healthy lifestyle 

  1. Incorporate consistent exercise
  2. Consume natural foods
  3. Achieve consistent and plentiful sleep

The Health Coaching Program is about solving your issues once and for all.

I will help you do that by teaching you:

  • How to adopt the personality and habits of fit individuals
  • How to create a fit and healthy environment
  • How to live, eat, and move like a fit individual
  • How to incorporate key healthy behaviors
  • How to implement and track your customized lifestyle


By the end of The Health Coaching Program you will

  • Look in the mirror and be happy with what you see 
  • Exhibit confidence in your clothes
  • Feel more comfortable with your body
  • Have more energy
  • Be physically leaner 
  • Have knowledge of how to live healthier

When you finish my course, you will be on track to having a completely new lifestyle, involving exercise, plentiful sleep, nutritious foods, and a positive social circle. I am confident that The Health Coaching Program WILL change your life.


Program Description

Program duration: 12 Weeks 

Coaching Sessions: 12 sessions of 45 minutes

Coaching Session Details: Coaching sessions are 100% remote, and can be scheduled according to student preference any time from 2pm-7:30PM EST Monday-Saturday, although if a different time is needed, exceptions can be made. Student is responsible for scheduling 1st meeting 7 days in advance on the Calendly platform. Once session is scheduled, student will receive an invitation for Google Meet. Subsequent meetings will be agreed upon during first coaching session. Assignments will be provided prior to any meeting. Any assignments assigned should be completed prior to these meetings for optimal results. 

Program Phases: Each Phase consists of 4 weeks of custom coaching, weekly assignments, and custom goals.

  • Phase 1
    Week 1: Baseline Measurements
    Week 2: Sleep Assessment
    Week 3: Environmental Analysis
    Week 4: Nutritional Assessment                                                                                                                                        
  • Phase 2
    Week 5: Community Stakeholder Analysis
    Week 6: SMART Goal Implementation
    Week 7: Morning Routine
    Week 8:  Evening Routine 
  • Phase 3:
    Week 9: Visualization
    Week 10: Behavioral Tracking
    Week 11: Factors of Success
    Week 12: Sustaining Positive Change

Student Responsibilities: Student is responsible for completing assignments on time and meeting with coach.  


Payment: Payment should be made through Paypal or Stripe on the SassoonFIT website.


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Weight Loss Coaching Program

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