Your intensity should be mostly low, with brief periods of high intensity

The Brazilian Body System® is 60% low intensity, but short periods of high and medium intensity are included. This means you should be able to have a conversation throughout 60% of the time you are working out. If you are not able to, perform the exercises more slowly and controlled, focusing on slowing your breathing.

What is intensity?

1. Low intensity=you can hold a conversation.

2. Medium intensity= you can maybe hold a conversation

3. High intensity= you cannot hold a conversation.

How intense is the Brazilian Body System?

60% Low Intensity (Including warm up and Cool Down and some circuits)

20% Medium Intensity (Some circuits)

20% High Intensity (Some circuits)

How fast should I be moving?

• 3 seconds down 1 second up. Whatever the movement, the descent part should be controlled and slower, and the muscular action should be faster. In technical terms, the eccentric portion should be slower and more controlled, and the concentric portion can be faster and more explosive. I usually shoot for 2-4 seconds in the eccentric portion and 1-2 seconds in the concentric portion.

• Quality is better than quantity. Make sure you are using the correct posture, I prefer you do one correct, than ten incorrect.

How Should I be Breathing while exercising?

Try to breath out in the action phase of the movement, and inhale in the relaxation (slower) phase of the movement.