Ponte (Bridge)

1st variation Lie on the ground on your back and bend your knees bringing your heels almost to where you can touch your hands. Pushing off your heels, bring butt up towards the sky, and leaving only your shoulders and heels in contact on the floor. There should be a straight diagonal line from your shoulder to your knees.

Toes up and push off your heels
Notice the straight line from my shoulders to my knees

2nd variation Push up with only one heel, keeping the other leg off the ground and pointed straight up, or in line with the other leg. Try to keep the core stable and hips straight.

Don’t allow your hips to shift
Keep balanced

3rd variation Do the first variation, but as your butt pushes up, twist your weight over to one side alternating reaching over your shoulders.

Rotate and look towards your near armpit
Bring your back arm over your head