Saltao: The last two variations carry high risk for knee injury. (perform at your own risk)

Starting Position Get on your knees and lower your hips backwards and towards the ground until you are sitting on your heels (or near to).

1st variation Push your hips forward and upward, engaging your torso until your body is fully upright from your knees (your chin and head should be directly above your chest and hips), continue lowering and raising, while hips move back and forth. Make sure you are not leaning back by squeezing your abs and keeping your chin above your chest and face upright and forward.

Toes can be up or flat in this variation
Make sure your head is above your knees and you are not leaning back as you come up

2nd variation As you are lowering, lower your arms, and explode up to your feet by propelling your arms forward, landing softly on the middle of your foot and heels, and reducing the forcefulness of the impact by sinking your hips down and back on the landing.

Use the momentum from your arms
Bring your arms back with force
Shoot your arms up and land with your butt coming down into a squat so as to cushion your blow

3rd variation After landing, immediately jump into the air and bring your two knees toward your chest. When you land, allow your butt to cushion the impact by sinking down in a squat position so as to minimize the force.