Visualizing Your Ideal Lifestyle

  1. Imagine – you are sitting down in a movie theater
  2. You are watching a movie of yourself living your ideal lifestyle
  3. Notice what you see, hear, and feel
  4. Add in sounds, smells, and images
  5. Float out of your chair and into the ideal version of yourself on the screen
  6. Begin to see, hear, and feel (smell/taste if applicable), your ideal version … make it as vivid, colorful, and clear as you possibly can.
  7. Think about this ideal lifestyle… the habits, character traits, beliefs, and activities that encompass this lifestyle and … most importantly … what obstacles did you conquer to live this ideal lifestyle?
  8. Once you have a good sense of the character traits, habits, and beliefs, you can float out of the movie and back into your body

Describe Your Ideal Lifestyle

What did you see?What did you hear?
What did you taste or Smell?What Activities did you do?
Describe Your EmotionsOther Thoughts, ideas?
Fill This Out